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Future Social Media Trends: The Must-Know Ones

The Digital Marketing professionals are wondering what the social media would grow into. What are the future social media trends.

Well, there are many concerned experts predicting the upcoming trends in Social Media. Few of which, are already into play.

This article is a guide to professionals in Social Media who are required to be ready for every upcoming social media trends, in their way. After going through existing content on the internet commenting on the future social media trends, I have tried to club them & put the best ones in this article.

The following are the top 10 future social media trends which every social media marketer needs to be aware of.

1. Personalized Video Marketing

It must not surprise us that content in video format will keep dominating in the near future as it does today. Be it in social media or other such platforms on the internet, video marketing is a go-to option for every digital marketer.

As per Oberlo’s study conducted in 2019,

"87% of marketing professionals use video as a marketing tool"

But have you ever wondered what would be the upcoming trend in video marketing? Well, if you believe the experts, they claim that personalized video marketing is the next big thing.

Every major social media platform out there is trying to add personalization to their user’s experience. In a bid to strengthen this further, social media want to promote personalized video marketing via stories like Insta stories, etc.

As social media marketers have been reporting that video ads in Stories have shown higher click-through rates (CTR’s). This trend points towards the fact that video marketing will be highly personalized in the coming years at least on social media platforms.

2. More & More Augmented Reality (AR)

Unlike Virtual Reality (VR), Augmented Reality (AR) enhances the real-world experience with computer-generated perceptual information.

AR is finding its grounds on various social media platforms. Snapchat was the first social media company to implement the AR in the form of filters like dog filter. Other social media giants like Facebook & Instagram followed the same path of utilizing the AR to retain the users.

Now the vast scope of implementing AR into social media has triggered competition among various tech companies. AR has vast potential of its implementation in social media.

Future Social Media will be more of virtual tours, virtual events, virtual products like Lenskart enables its users to try their products virtually from the comfort of their homes.

3. Ephemeral Content Will Rise

As we know, Ephemeral content is something that exists for a very shorter period of time. Examples of such types of content are Facebook & Insta Stories.

One case study conducted by Statista on Instagram Stories concludes that there is a large increment in the number of daily active Instagram Stories users. The below image depicts the same observation.

ephemeral content will rise in future
Source – statista.com

Such social media trends are the result of the fact that the attention span of social media users is shrinking. Eventually, we will get to see more and more ephemeral content on all social media platforms.

People are increasingly spending more time scrolling stories and other such ephemeral content as they find it more engaging, short and addictive.

4. News Feed Through Social Media

As people are spending more time on social media than ever before, the news agencies need to consider this in their marketing efforts.

As per the study conducted by Forbes, about 50% of the internet users which were surveyed by them, confirmed that they get news updates from social media before hearing it on news channels.

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And with time, these social media trends is going to last at least for a couple of years. Eventually, news agencies will increase their investment in social media marketing. It should not be surprising to see when the revenue generated by the news entities, from social media may exceed the same generated from TV.

5. Niche Social Platforms Will Grow More

Niche social media are focused on the networking of people from one particular subgroup sharing some common traits. Linkedin is the best example of niche social media as it helps people in networking with shared career interests.

Given the fact that giant social media platforms still dominate the market, the niche social media have started creating their own space in this competition. In fact, Tik Tok (niche social media) was the 2nd most popular free apps download in 2019, as per this article.

Such social media trends of growth in all major niche social media is expected to stay for the next couple of years. This should alarm those social media marketers who are stuck in their conventional social media platforms. Or those who stopping themselves out of judgment, for example, many professionals still believe that Tik Tok is not worth giving marketing efforts to.

To stay ahead in the competition, keep close eye on current social media trends and future social media predictions. Accept everything the market is evolving into and start working on it.

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