What Is Schema Markup & Its Significance in SEO

Schema markup (or structured data) is part of technical on-page SEO. It has gained the momentum quite recently. Even though structured data is not the primary ranking factor (as the page load speed, or other such factors), but the implementation of the same ensures improvement in click-through rate (CTR) which in response, results in SEO of the website. So, let’s find out what exactly is schema and why it is so essential in SEO.

What Is Schema Markup ?

It all started in 2011 when major search engine giants – Google, Yahoo, Bing, and Yandex came together to form Schema.org. Today’s Schema markup is the result of this collaboration.

Schema markup adds context to the webpage in the eyes of search engines making them easily understand what the webpage is all about.

So, structured data is a form of microdata. This data, when added to a webpage, creates rich snippets. The webpages with these rich snippets, when viewed in the search results, provide additional information to the searcher/user. The image below is an example of how rich snippets from Schema are reflected in the search results.

rich snippet example schema markup seo dhawaseo
Effect Of Schema Markup In Search Results

The Significance Of Schema Markup In SEO ?

As previously mentioned structured data has not been confirmed as the primary ranking signal, ever by Google. But it surely does help in our SEO efforts. Lets find out how the Schema markup plays a very important role in Search Engine Optimisation (SEO).

Schema Markup Improves Appearance in Search Results

Yes. This is the foremost “visible” benefit of implementing Schema Markup into your webpage. It makes your webpage look rich in information and catchy. It easily grabs the attention of the user searching for the relevant query.

There are multiple ways in which the schema markup & rich snippet can highlight your particular webpage.

Suppose your webpage is E-commerce based which includes a product you aim to sell. Using Schema markup, you can add a product review, product rating, product price, etc. This benefits the user in a way that helps him in getting a fair idea of what the product is which could lead to the increased interest of the user in your product.

Additionally, there are many other rich snippets forms like customer rating, customer reviews, etc.

Schema Markup Improves CTRs –

As you know Click Through Rate (CTR) is one of the important factors that affect your traffic. Higher CTRs lead to higher web traffic ultimately resulting in overall improved SEO of the website.

Structured data helps in improving your web traffic as it positively affects the CTRs. For instance, refer to the screenshot of a random Google search query having search results with and without rich snippets.

How Search Query Helps In

As you can see in the image above, there are high chances that you would end up clicking on the 2nd result, straight away ignoring the top result.

The reason being the fact that the web page at the 2nd position seems to have implemented structured data. Thus rich snippet shows up in the form of extra information about the certification course like its start, end dates, its cost, etc.

The other two results lack this very additional information in the search results. Making them the weaker bait for winning the click of the user.

Schema Markup Provides Context Of The Webpage To Search Engines

The Schema can be added to the webpages in three forms. One is using metadata. And the other two are using RDFa and JSON-LD. All of these data provide information about the content of the webpage.

The following is the types of information gathered in the schema markup –

  • Businesses And Organisation – It includes name, address, contact number, etc of the business and organization.
  • Events – It is the details pertaining to any event like the time, location, etc.
  • Products – This includes details of any product or service being offered including its cost, rating, etc.
  • People – Includes the details of the person in question like its name, address, gender, etc.
  • Recipes – Details like cooking time, nutrition, cooking method, etc.
  • Videos – It includes an embedded video object.
  • Reviews – It is the review of an item like restaurant, shopping center, movie, etc.

Having realized the importance of the benefit of structured data in SEO, now we move on to understand how to implement the schema using schema markup generator tool.

Schema Markup GeneratorSchema SEO Tool

Before you start wondering about how to generate the metadata for the rich snippet, I want to let you know that there are multiple online schema markup generator tools for your help. Based on the inputs you have entered, these tools create the schema code which you need to paste into the webpage. That’s all it takes to implement the schema.

I would like to suggest one tool Technicalseo.com which I personally use while implementing the structured data.

The following is the steps which you need to follow to implement schema –

Step 1: Create structured data markup codes using any online schema markup generator. These tools will ask you to enter a few details pertaining to the webpage you want to implement the Schema on. The code type of the schema code created using the above tool is JSON-LD.

Step 2: Before pasting the structured data code generated from the schema markup generator, you need to verify whether the code is right in the way you wanted it to be. We should confirm that this code conveys the right information to the search engines. To verify this, you need to use Google’s structured data testing tool. This tool provides the results in the form of information that the same Schema code is loaded with. This way you can confirm that the schema code generated by the Schema markup generator is correct and safe to paste on your live webpage.

Step 3: Now it is time to paste the schema code on your webpage. So, login into your C panel/ WordPress. Pick the desired webpage to edit its on-page content. Copy the schema code from Schema Markup generator and paste it here in the head section of the same webpage. And you are done.

In conclusion,

In the age of fierce competition, the SEO professionals can not afford to ignore the Schema markup and schema SEO. It has become more important for SEO than ever. It is here to stay for a longer period of time.

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